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We believe people won’t stay away and will play a significant role in helping our organization to support and create different programs in order to relieve children from the poverty, and provide them with the bright future they deserve. We appreciate every single partner for his or her contributions.

At the United Hearts of Mercy, we believe in life-changing impact every member of the community can make in changing a child, and ultimately changing a community for the better. By getting involved as a volunteer, you will help children achieve things they never thought possible. A small investment of your time and attention will not only change the life of a child, but it will result in a better community built one child at a time. Help United Hearts of Mercy to fulfill and accomplish its mission every day!

Ways To Help

Donate Online


You can make a significant impact on life of the child in need just by a simple click.

We appreciate everything you do in order to help us to improve lives of the children all over the world and help them to overcome those severe problems and difficulties they face everyday. No matter where you are, you can always use donation options by Mail.



To make a donation using mail, simply send the check straight to United Hearts of Mercy mailbox address.

Planned Giving

Stocks, Bonds, And Funds

Planned giving is another way to show your support. A donor can use cash, appreciated securities/stock, bonds, real estate, artwork, partnership interests, personal property, life insurance, a retirement plan. Planned gifts are beneficial ways of giving. They can reduce income and estate taxes, also provide additional income for you and your family, alleviate complicated financial responsibilities and help to fulfill your personal and charitable objectives.

If you chose to donate stocks, bonds or funds, please contact our office. We will provide you with all important and correct information.

Donor Advised Fund

Donate Goods

Donor Advised Fund allows donors to make a charitable contribution, receive an immediate tax benefit and then recommend grants from the fund over time. Donor Advised Fund is an operationally convenient and easy way for donors to manage and control their donations.

United Hearts of Mercy accept items such as food, clothes, furniture and household goods.


All items sent to United Hearts of Mercy organization have to be new and in good condition.

Donate A Vehicle

Sponsor An Event

United Hearts of Mercy appreciate and accept all vehicle donations. It is another great way to help the ones who needed the most.


Our representatives will pick up your vehicle at a time that works for you – at no cost to you.

The charity events help our organization to spread the word about the mission we are trying to accomplish. Events help to mobilize a movement of people and organizations and their God-given resources to raise children who transform nations.

Holiday Gifts

Holiday seasons are always associated with many presents, and days full of fun and joy. But not for everyone. Most of the children from the Dominican Republic have never felt Holiday magic time.


You can change it today and make a Holiday gift and bring a lot of happy moments to the children.


Every kid in the world deserves to have a real childhood! 

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