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2018 School Project

As the new school year approaches, United Hearts of Mercy is eager to help those in need of an education.

For this year's project, United Hearts of Mercy is planning to raise $18,000 in order to contribute to the education of the youth in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic.

Some of the illustrious educators who left a mark in the Puerto Plata education system include Antera Mota, Emilio Prud'Homme, Ana Isabel Jiménez, Mercedes Mota, José Dubeau, Doña Isabel Díaz-Alejo y Reyes, Doña Elvia Campillo, Isabel Meyreles, María Concepción Gómez Matos, among others. Currently, the municipality of San Felipe of Puerto Plata counts on 182 educational centers, of which the 67% correspond to the public sector and 39% to the private sector.

This municipality has a total of 29,279 students, of whom 1,567 are at the initial level, 19,395 at the basic level, 6,642 at the medium level, 1,505 students to the subsystem of adults, 84 students of special education and 86 of the labor school.

Our first step will be to fundraise and purchase school supplies for the kids entering in their new school year.

These supplies include notebooks, textbooks, rulers, pens, pencils, markers, math instruments, calculators, art supplies, and all necessary materials for an efficient education.

We also plan on organizing a mission trip to the Dominican Republic in order to fulfill this project.

Here are some pictures from our previous '2016 School Project':

All your contributions are greatly appreciated and will be bring better education to Puerto Plata!

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