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Genoa Bridge Collapse Support

On late Tuesday morning, a 260-foot section of that suspension bridge collapsed onto the highway below during a severe storm. Rescue work continues, but 37 are believed dead, according to the New York Times, and dozens of others injured.

The national news agency ANSA said that a dozen or so vehicles may have been on that section of the bridge when it collapsed. An eerie video posted on Twitter by the Polizia di Stato, the national police force in charge of highway patrol, shows the bridge’s central beams tumbling through the dense fog. In it, an eyewitness can be heard repeatedly yelling “Oh God!” as the structure falls.

United Hearts of Mercy is collecting donations to support the victims and their families of this tragic event and we will not stop until we have done all that we can do to help.

All your contributions are greatly appreciated and will help people live through these terrible circumstances.

All our prayers go to the victims.

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