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UPDATE: Waves of Garbage Hit Dominican Beach

After our recent post, we have been working tirelessly to achieve results.

All World News report that waves of garbage have transformed the Dominican Republic’s golden sand beaches, blanketing the shoreline with vast heaps of refuse. Plastic water bottles, styrofoam containers and bags gathered on Montesinos Beach in the capital, Santo Domingo.

Hundreds of city workers and volunteers who have been waging an uphill battle against wave after wave of sludgy garbage. Numerous tons of waste have reportedly been collected since last week. Despite these efforts, more plastic arrives with the tides each new day.

United Hearts of Mercy forecasts based on the facts and common sense that the disaster will continue with severe toxicity from all those tons of plastic wastes. Once it is out, plastic breaks down and releases chemicals that are impossible to capture. Wildlife trapped in the debris and humans affected by the toxic particles in the waves are all at risk. All kids are in big danger, not having clean water tomorrow, which will cause massive problems for the whole country following with massive fatal diseases.

United Hearts of Mercy created teams of the volunteers who were using pikes, shovels and excavators to lift the garbage, only to be met with new waves carrying even more. Our organization is currently on site working with the army as well as navy, different public workers and the local government. Over 200 public workers were mobilized for the operation by United Hearts of Mercy, and after five days of nonstop work, teams had collected 10 tons of the trash.

United Hearts of Mercy rent 7 heavily machinery, escalators that dig and pick up big amounts of the waste and 10 big trucks to deal with the massive amount of that trash to be transported to proper facilities. Works are being performed without stopping, no matter if it’s day or night.

Our organization is working on a long-term plan for the Dominican Republic and will remain on the ground there as long as it takes. As part of the United Hearts of Mercy strategy is to continue organizing ongoing clean-ups, implement education initiatives and develop waste management strategies with the local government. We are aiming to focus on education, communication, finding and analyzing what caused to such catastrophe in 21st century.

United Hearts of Mercy is planning to work with environment policy makers to improve waste and recycling infrastructure significantly in the whole Dominican Republic so in the future never get such big problem again.

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